As you all know by now, last Friday, the OSSAA Board voted down the proposal that was made by the
OSSAA Director, and at the guidance of State Health Officials and the CDC, to limit summer
participation, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. When the proposal failed, with no Plan B proposal
in place, Summer Activities/Athletics immediately went back to the regular OSSAA Policy (Bluebook).
(Note: June 9 is the next OSSAA Board Meeting, in which an amended version of the proposal MAY be
approved, and guidelines from them get placed after all.)
After much thought and careful research, the following guidelines have been put in place to help
ensure the safety of our athletes (and community) for Summer Activities at VARNUM. These guidelines
are fluid and changes may occur to these guidelines at any time:
● No activities until June 1.
● June 1-26: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday for the month of June for team or group sessions.
o Athletic teams can start having OSSAA sanctioned individual camps, scheduled open gyms,
voluntary workouts for their teams.
o Each sport can have two camps per summer but cannot be consecutive weeks. Coaches will
communicate with each other and produce a schedule of dates and times.
o Our athletic teams WILL NOT be allowed to play in Summer League games or Team Camps or
Scrimmages vs other schools during the month of June...only thing available for you and your team
will be the OSSAA sanctioned camps, scheduled open gyms, and voluntary workouts for VARNUM Athletes only.
● June 27-July 5 is still the OSSAA Dead Period- no activities.
● July 6 through July 15 is the same as June 1-26.
o Administration and the Coaching Staff will meet prior to the mandated Dead Period and decide if
we will allow Summer League games and/or scrimmages during this period. We will evaluate the
current situation; nothing is certain but there is a possibility.
Things to know when planning out your activities:
● First and foremost, the safety of our student-athletes is our #1 priority. Sanitizing and
cleaning must be done before and after every facility usage. The coaches of those activities are
responsible for the cleanings.
● Temperatures must be taken and RECORDED/LOGGED before the workout. If temperature is over
99.5, that athlete is sent home for the day and not to return until temperature is normal. If an
athlete is not feeling well DO NOT let them participate in any activity or let them into any
facility. Please stay home and get well.
● Athletes are to stay out of the locker rooms, only use the facility and the public-area
● You must clean/sanitize all equipment used daily and before the next usage.
● All activities this summer are for 7th through 12th graders.
● Coaches MUST be present anytime a facility is opened.
NOTE: We will be considering a schedule/plan for old the gym and performance facility for
individual work or groups less than 5 working out- But that will be strictly monitored and athletes
must do their part to help make that possible.
● No outside groups or community teams can use our facilities during this time.
● Sessions will not be longer than 2 hours and athletes need to leave the facilities as soon as
the session is over
Again, there will be things you like and don’t like but at the end of the day the only thing that
matters is the health of our student-athletes! My goal is to do all we can to have school and
extra-curriculars in August. The sacrifice now is worth it. Other schools might be doing more this
summer and that’s their choice but I feel like this plan is best for VARNUM. I encourage all of you
to have the OSSAA sanctioned camps and use it the best that you can for our athletes and give them
something to look forward to.
Remember, this is all fluid and could change on a moment’s notice.
David W. Brewer
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